JANUARY 1, 2023
Management Letter for FY2022
To Whom It May Concern:
Red Hispana has remained in operation since April 2004. We have closed our 2022  Fiscal Year with a cash surplus and Receivables of OVER $6,000 and Outstanding Debt is $0. 
We will file all State and Federal paperwork necessary to maintain our tax exempt status and business operations and Red Hispana (established April 1, 2004) and dba EAGLEradio.PRO (established January 1, 2012) remains today as one of the leading influential Award winning Agencies in Broward County. 
At the close of 2022, EAGLEradio.PRO  has grown to over 21,045 launches of our station total of over 155,687 Total since inception. In 2012 we made a conscious effort to widen our scope of work of Seminars & Outreach by creating EAGLEradio.PRO in order to widen our audience and more general content, rather than specific to HIV.  Eagle is a well known name throughout the GLBT and Straight community. Last year we worked with Holy Cross Health producing COVID updated Talk Shows both  Broadcast and placed on our You Tube Channel. It should be noted that OUR FUND, passed on providing funding this year. Also, we now have access thru ROKU, TuneIn and ALEXA.
I am proud to say that EAGLEradio.PRO has enabled to fund expenses thru Donation appeals, contributions, Grants and from Sponsors of some Shows.  We look forward to a bright future as a DBA of RED HISPANA FLORIDA. We have invested in short video features to attract listeners and Sponsors. We also created our own YouTube Channel. We keep Red Hispana Fl, our Parent, alive thru Community meetings & Events such as the Hispanic HIV Annual Awards.
Our future is bright. We want to thank our small staff and DJ Volunteers for their dedication and music.
W. James Perigny 
Chief  Executive Officer
Red Hispana Florida/ EAGLE RADIO
December 7, the Board of Directors of Eagle Radio met for our Annual Meeting.  We reviewed a 2022 status report (sent previously). Questions, answers and the future was discussed at great length.  The two largest discussions were how to expand our limited Fundraising efforts and other listener platforms. It was decided to simplify Alexa which is now on our radio FB page. It was noted that ROKU now has LIVE365 Channel, which Eagle Radio can now be accessed.  The Board consists of DJ JimmyP, Guy Martinez, Stephen FIck, Curtis Robertson, Jim Gigliello and Felipe Rose. We are approaching the start of our 11th year January 1, 2023.
> Per IRS Regulations to maintain our Non Profit Status, we present our EAGLEradio.PRO/RED HISPANA FL  ANNUAL BOARD MEETING  Time: Dec 7, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time @ J. MARKS  Participation is required in person or by phone.
> Our Financials are attached for year ending November 30, 2022. We have over  $6,300 with no Outstanding Bills and no remaining Grants to spend.
> Our radio stats were really great until we took on Holy Cross Hospital COVID Talk Shows…due to the many anti-vaxxers/ anti-maskers…we lost over 500 – 700 listeners and are struggling to get them back.  Last year Nov/ Dec, we were 2,000 – 2,200 listener range and in Nov we are in the 1,700 range.  The radio stats is one key to obtaining Grants.
> we issued $200 Bonus checks to our DJs that have been with us more than a year, please note they donate their music free to us.
> DONATIONS:  Year end Donations were way down due to Giving Tuesday Org. We are competing against every single Non Profit struggling for donations.  We also created a Birthday Fundraiser following Giving Tuesday ending. Although still ongoing, we estimate we will raise another $125 after appealing to over 2,500 Facebook posts and direct FB Invites. That is the sorry state of fundraising in 2022. We will attempt to do fundraising revolving around the Radio’s 11th Anniversary in January.
>DIRECTOR DONATIONS: I have already given over $500 some thru Network for good, which comes in late January to encourage others to Donate.  We are in need of your Donations. We suggest a minimum of $100 to $250 (Tax Deductible per IRS Regs)….by check or thru Paypal, using any credit card:  sending funds to EAGLEradio.PRO
An IRS Tax Deductible Acknowledgement will be sent to you.
Most of the Directors made a financial donation.
SPONSORS:  >We have been Sponsored by Hunters Nightclub and expect a 4th at year end.
           >We attempted to sell Ads/Sponsors thru We Got the Beats, Dudes Barber (Frank Spaeda), Tropics Grill (Randy Abeshein) with no responses after 2 tries.  We did strike a deal to promote Saturday Night Disco Fever Act in Boca in exchange for 10 Tickets. We got a weak response with every excuse in the book not to go to Boca or cost.
                >We attempted to use BIZLEADS for Sponsor marketing and tried it for a few months.  The problem with it is that does not give many local small business email addresses.
> We received a Grant from Holy Cross Hospital for $3,600 for 3 COVID Talk Shows and possible 2 additional episodes.  Due to the hostile reaction from anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, Holy Cross Hospital Doctors didn’t want participation and we agreed not to expand to other new episodes as we lost a lot of listeners.
> We were not chosen for Grants from Our Fund Medical for PrEP Talk Shows or their Arts & Culture Grant in early 2022. I am planning on writing in February 2023 for Arts & Culture Grant based on Felipe Rose’s Disco Chronicles. Felipe Rose called into the meeting as he lives in New Jersey and could not make it down here. He briefly explained that the Disco Chronicles is in its Second Season and he has been adding verbiage about EAGLEradio.PRO credits at end of segments. 
> I have written an LOI to Broward County Cultural Division to be able to write an Arts/Culture Grant for early 2023.
> We hope to receive a Grant for our “Over the Rainbow Community Talk Show” for PrEP by Aids United early Feb 2023
> We again participated in the annual Latinos en Accion Diversity HIV Awareness Awards which keeps our name alive within the Latino Community and the Dept of Health.  I presented the Fulgencio de Jesus Aponte Award for Community Service to Yemil Cruz.
> MetroGuys Magazine has stopped publication. Hotspots has stopped their free ads for us. Hotspots has just resumed their free ad when there is physical free space.   Metro Guys has just resumed publication. Speaking with the producer, my article on Key West should be published in the next edition Feb/Mar time frame and presumably I will continue writing articles whic is great publicity for Eagle Radio which is listed at the article end.
> the newest program upgrades early 2022 have worked great for us and scheduler problems are at a minimal.
> we have added another DJ, Trevor Oldroyd to fill Frank Corrs slot
> we have been reactivated on free of charge (a music directory with links to our player)
> LIVE365 has been activated on the ROKU Channel, streaming EAGLEradio.PRO  We have just streamlined the instructions to access Eagle Radio on ALEXA per the Boards suggestion.
> we will embark on an Agreement for Felipe Rose’s DISCO CHRONICLES for an Arts & Culture Grant in time for a Grant submission to Our Fund and/or Broward County Cultural Div. (An Letter of Intent was submitted and we await approval for BCCD Grant submission).
> As our Radio station enters its 11th year, Grant prospects are slim.  We need some way to raise funds.  The Board suggested we produce a Funding Appeal prior to some of our radio shows. It was also noted that other avenues of Grants be researched such as resurrecting our Medical info Seminars.
> SAVING EXPENDITURES: It was also suggested that in case of total Grant failures, we look into saving more money by participating in a Shared Office Space and terminating our ArtServe space. We also terminated BizLeads and we will not renew our Video making service, StoryBlocks and Greater Ft L Chamber of Commerce (which other members have not helped us to Sponsor/advertise their business with us). The latter 3 were a complete waste of our funds.
Presentation of 2023- 2024 Operating Budget Approved by Board Vote with adjustments to be determined as the year progresses.
I look forward to working with you in 2023.
W. James Perigny
Creator, CEO and Station Manager