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to DJ Jimmy Perigny of EAGLEradio.PRO

By Dave Griffiths, Publisher HIM-MAGAZINE.COM

Named Poz Magazine’s Hero of the Month for Jan/Feb 2012, Jimmy Perigny is known to his friends and fans as DJ Jimmy P from the Internet radio station, EAGLEradio.PRO. I first met this man, when I was working for a local printing company. He came into the office a few times to do some printing work and I remember each time he’d come in, he’d talk about his radio shows and Red Hispana FL and all the help he was doing for the HIV/AIDS community. He is a man on a mission and you can tell when you meet him, that he is a caring and compassionate man who is active in the community.   Florida, known as the Sunshine State, can sometimes not seem so bright and cheerful to many of those people living with HIV/AIDS who are dealing with medications, lower incomes, health issues, and stress on a daily basis. In a state with a high rate of Latinos in the area, Jimmy P realized something needed to be done to help the Hispanic community that is affected by HIV/AIDS in large numbers. In 2004, Perigny and his partner, Fulgencio Aponte, co-founded a not-for-profit agency called Red Hispana Florida (RHF). They began to offer HIV testing, counseling, education, outreach and support to those in the Latino community of South Florida.   Since 2004, the economy in the U.S. has plummeted over property values, and mortgages, buyouts and scandals, and for so many other reasons, but no matter the reason for the downward spiral in the economy, one thing is certain; those who are hurt the most are the people with no money, who are sick and ultimately more vulnerable. In this tough economy, money is scarce and funding has dried up for many non-profits and most people are barely living within their means, so for many people, paying rent, arranging  transportation to doctor’s appointments, and even affording food, can be difficult, especially when you’re also dealing with a life threatening disease. Perigny agrees that many of these non-profit agencies are providing life-saving services that will stop if money doesn’t flow to these community organizations. Who will pay the ultimate price?   In a cruel twist of fate, it seems that Jimmy and his partner Aponte ended up paying that price when in 2009, Aponte traveled to Venezuela. The U.S. at the time had a travel ban on anyone with HIV from coming into the United States. Aponte was prevented from coming home to Perigny and later, passed away due to complications from AIDS-related cancer due to lack of treatment and medicine in Venezuela. Ironically, Aponte became one of those people that they were trying so desperately to help with their HIV Agency. The travel ban was dropped a year later in 2010.   In August of 2010,  Perigny decided to do something different in order to increase funding to his project, because it was no longer affecting others; it was personal! He launched WHIV Radio as a way to increase outreach to the community and to generate revenue for their small non-profit agency, Red Hispana, and since 2011, Perigny has been on the air.  Even though it is still difficult for Perigny to speak of Aponte without getting emotional, you know that the reason why he’s working 60+ hours each week is to make amends to his late partner. “I run the Agency to thank God I am Negative and to honor my partner and the many friends of my generation whom have passed from AIDS —to keep good music alive,” said Perigny.

“We produce Outreach Booths at various Communities events such as Seniors, Youth and gay men events/ festivals all over South Florida. We have a volunteer staff of three that helps at various Outreach Community Events. I do all of the HIV Testing since I am ultimately responsible for all Counseling and paperwork for Red Hispana. My background is in accounting and in music,” says Perigny. “I was drawn into DJing, traveling to New York City to buy records and make cassette tapes for sale in the early 1980’s”.  I eventually moved to New York and like most gay men, was an avid visitor to The Saint NYC. There will never be a $4.2 Million night club, which cemented my musical aspirations and taste. Concurrently, the AIDS epidemic wiped out thousands and marked the end of disco and dance music in the late 80’s.   I wanted to keep in the music field due to my DJ background and wanted to still be involved in HIV and GLBT Issues and radio is the best element for music,” said Perigny, who has been DJing for 19 years now, having DJ’d at The Eagle NYC in the 90’s, The Eagle Ft. Lauderdale and Chainz/Everglades in the 2000’s. he has been involved in many fundraisers for other Agencies in NYC such as AmFar as well as South Florida and special events promoting his DJ music, radio station and HIV Agency.  

After some discussion and survey results showed there was a lack of interest in things named after “HIV,” WHIV Radio later became the new Internet station, EAGLEradio.PRO and in addition, started broadcasting to the world on the LIVE365 App. The radio name has changed to appeal to a wider audience and EAGLEradio.PRO now focuses on music and has Community Talk Shows on “Mind, Body & Soul” subjects including disease prevention and programs, bullying and senior issues. Since the Internet station launched, Perigny says “We currently (July 2013) have over 11,100 listeners in total and we’re growing each month. Like HIM Magazine, it just keeps growing each month!”   I asked him, “What makes EAGLEradio.PRO unique and special?” He replied, “It is keeping great music alive and helping to bring entertainment with a purpose to fund my HIV Agency.  People will listen to information if they are entertained.  I’ll still probably be a DJ into my elder years.” [laughs] In addition to brand new dance music, LOW TEA music from Studio 5470’s era, HIGH TEA: music from The SAINT1980’s eraI LOVE THE 90’S era music, specialty Leather Bar music, and Sunday morning Lounge music, and alternating Show Tunes. They also run hundreds of safe sex PSA’s  and Community Talk Shows running daily.  

The station has Community Talk Shows on many different issues targeting different demographics that Red Hispana is involved in through their Community Outreach Grants, such as: GLBT, seniors, youth and gay men’s issues. They invite different agencies/organizations to discuss their programs or products on the air. Most of the subjects evolved from their outreach booths and questions that they’ve received on topics of interest to their listeners.   DJ Jimmy P also does events such as Pool Parties and has a good attendance record. “I usually get applause, which is unusual in itself due to music selection. People want to have memories jogged by talents such as Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Donna Summer and some of today’s artists like Rhianna, Britney, and the Stereo Flow,” says Perigny. He continues, “We have music from 4 different DJ’s with different slants on the Dance/ EDM genre: DJ Jimmy P (NYC & FTL), Julian Marsh (National remixer/producer), Tony K (Chicago & FTL),Reed McGowan (NYC), and The Stereo Flow (Paris remixers/producers). These are all personal friends of mine whom share passion for their style of music.” EAGLEradio.PRO also features guest DJ’s, so if any DJ’s out there want to volunteer their music for consideration on the station, contact DJ Jimmy P through the EAGLEradio.PRO website and he’ll send you the Tech Specs for your audition entries. It’s a great way to promoting your work through name recognition and helping an HIV Agency too. Your music will be heard by over 11,100 people throughout the world online!  

These days, money and financial issues are rampant. These times are especially difficult for not-for-profit organizations that rely upon grants and donations to survive. EAGLEradio.PRO is a subdivision of Red Hispana, originally an HIV Service Organization. Perigny said, “Ten years ago, there was still a lot of need for help, advice, Seminars and referrals. Since new classes of medicines abound, we have expanded our scope to include other Diseases (Hep, STD’s, AIDS related Cancers) and lifestyle issues for GLBT Community, Seniors and Youth.”   Red Hispana gives Seminars on HIV to Colleges and Professional Organizations. They perform HIV testing by appointment and are a Health Dept Test Site, as well as providing counseling and refer clients with or without insurance to agencies in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. All monies from DJ events, podcasts, CD sales and grants go directly to Red Hispana.“In these days of budget cuts and changing/deletion of programs, we see many Agencies pull out of HIV or go under.” He continues, “We are not totally dependent on grants and I never understood the government and grant boards make it so difficult to help people in devastating (health or) financial need due to debilitating diseases. In Broward County alone, as of July 31, 2013, there are 16,894 people documented infected with HIV and you can easily double or triple that figure for people with an unknown status.”   Perigny is going through the application process to get EAGLEradio.PRO’s own 501(c)3 non-profit status to continue their work and expanding to other demographics. The radio can be reached on your desktop computers at the website EAGLEradio.PRO or on iPhones and Android mobile devices. The Internet radio station can be listened to at the gym, the beach, while you’re shopping; basically, anywhere with WiFi.   If you’re interested in finding out more information about advertising on EAGLEradio.PRO’s Internet radio station, potential advertisers can go to the EAGLEradio.PRO website and contact them for information and to receive free marketing materials and rates.  

DJ Jimmy P says, “Anyone can place a commercial (that we will develop) or sponsor a particular show. We are very flexible and very inexpensive! We have different rates for small local, regional or national businesses by the month or quarter, or even month-to-month with NO CONTRACT.” The benefits of advertising with EAGLEradio.PRO are to have your product or business service heard by their vast network of national listeners; in particular, the North, NYC and South Florida regions. They have a GLBT geographic audience that no other media can offer and at less than half the price of local gay printed magazines or newspapers. What better way to propel your business than advertising products, services or even Real Estate to vacationers or snow birds during tourist season?   “And here is the best part… ALL Advertiser’s costs are considered donations to the parent non-profit agency, Red Hispana. So any advertising dollars you spend on EAGLEradio.PRO is considered 100% tax deductible,” says Perigny. “It is a win-win for everybody!”  If anyone would like to make a donation to the Red Hispana HIV/AIDS Agency, they can receive a free gift by going through their web store at on Red Hispana Florida’s EAGLEradio.PRO station will not only help your business reach its target audience, but you’ll also be helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS.   One thing is clear, with their ever growing audience and the services that Perigny is providing through his Red Hispana HIV/AIDS Agency, caring and compassion are still alive and well, at least in one man, whose efforts are helping others in many ways. Each of us here at HIM would like to thank DJ Jimmy P for taking his time to speak with us and we’re very proud to announce that  and EAGLEradio.PRO will partner together to inform others about the risks and of unsafe sex and help spread education and perform upcoming cross-promotions between the online magazine and Internet radio station. Stay tuned to and EAGLEradio.PRO for more information.

*Added notes:

  1. We are Offically DBA of Red Hispana as 2015.
  2. The LIVE365 Network and EAGLEradio.PRO is now an independent radio station and pay legal royalties to LABEL/ Artists.
  3. Our donations/Store changed page to
  4. Our Parent Company, Red Hispana Fl has  suspended  its HIV Operations January 2016
  5. HIM Magazine ceased publishing in January 2015, however the new company, AVID Marketing is excited to re-launch their new printed magazine.

In March 2017, began the process of reinvention and renewal (just like Madonna does) and have partnered with AVID Marketing, Inc. to rebrand the online radio station and bring the brand into the 21st century with a fresh new look and modernized features to enhance our customer’s and listener’s experience. AVID Marketing is a graphic design, printing, marketing and online media company that focuses on the needs of small businesses in the South Florida Area. AVID is like an advertising agency for small businesses and individual owners. Contact AVID Marketing at 954-520-7201 or visit for more information.