OCTOBER 2021 RADIO STATS. Thanks for listening!!EAGLEradio.PRO had 2,078 Listeners for OCTOBER 2021 and has surpassed 131,640 total listeners!!Thanks to Listeners who make donations, Grantors and Show Sponsors, Board of Directors and our FABULOUS DJ’s!! Out of the 2,000+ stations on LIVE365 Network (as of OCTOBER 31, 2021) we placed: 4th in BIG BEAT; 38th in DISCO; 61st in HOUSE; 31st in WORLD POP; 65th in COMMUNITY TALK SHOWS.We remain FREE of SUBSCRIPTION FEES, Commercial Free Non Profit South Florida/NYC Based INTERNET RADIO. We depend on Listener DONATIONS, SPONSORS and GRANTS!!To DONATE with any credit card VIA PAYPAL: https://eagleradio.pro/index.php/shop-and-donate/

We are sad to report the passing of veteran DJ Frank Corr who was a staple in the NYC/Ft Lauderdale Club World, private parties and EAGLEradio.PRO Shows. He had a long distinguished career including Crisco Disco, Studio 54; the Pier, Boom and most recent Scandals Saloon.

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